Cloud PBX Case Study

A mid-sized Reno Dental Office, with 7 operatories and 2 dentists, had an aging PBX (about 10 years old) that could no longer be maintained and had to be changed. They had 9 extensions, half of which were lightly used convenience extensions. Their PBX vendor quoted them $15,000 to replace the PBX and telephones.

Their current PBX used 7 AT&T business lines costing $260 per month.

Once they looked at the numbers the choice was clear:

Standard PBX Option

Hardware - New PBX Controller + 9 Phones: $15,000

Service Cost - 7 AT&T Business Lines: $260

babyTEL Cloud PBX

Hardware—3 Free Yealink Phones + 6 Mitel i6869 IP Phones: $1,350

Service—4 All-In ($27 ea) + 2 Lite*($17 ea) Extensions: $149

*Lite extensions shared among low usage convenience phones.

With over 90% savings on hardware costs and 42% savings on service costs, deciding to make the switch to babyTEL was easy.

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