IT Infrastructure As A Service

We are pleased to offer, in association with Dell Financial Services, an IAAS alternative to traditional technology acquisition.

With Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), everything you need to support your PMS and practice technologies—servers, workstations, networking, security equipment, security service subscriptions and other IT service costs—is leased as a package for one low monthly payment with no money down.


  • Manage Your Costs

    • Pay as you go instead of tying up capital in IT equipment.
    • Includes costs of deployment, data transfer and disposal of old equipment.
    • For new offices or major upgrades, get everything you need in a single package. Alternatively, convert portions of your infrastructure to IAAS over time.
    • Dell SonicWall Security Appliances include security service subscriptions for the entire term.
    • All equipment fully warranted with DELL PRO SUPPORT for the entire term.
  • Stay Current

    • All components are up-to-date and compatible with your PMS and practice technologies. Never worry about whether your infrastructure supports your PMS.
    • Maximize Security across your infrastructure with the latest systems and defenses.
    • You choose a refresh cycle from 2 to 4 years. For a new office, you can start with a small system, then increase your resources as you office grows.
  • Stay Secure

    • Protect sensitive patient records with the latest server, client and network technologies.
    • We use Dell SonicWall security appliances enhanced with SonicWall Security Services.
    • Get safe & secure remote access to your system with state-of-the-art VPN technology.


A complete System for a small dental office includes:

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